Church is not just a meeting on a Sunday  - It is a family of people meeting to worship God, pray and learn.

Meetings During Covid 19

A Church are the people not the Buildings - Buildings maybe shut the Church is not!

In the current Covid 19 situation we meet ‘live’ on Zoom at 10.30 every Sunday.  Our meeting is also streamed to a private Facebook group,  for safeguarding and security reasons access is restricted but if you would like to join us get in contact.

Sunday mornings 

Not one Sunday is the same.

When you visit you will notice we sit round coffee tables, not in rows - relationship is key.

Our first Sunday of the month is a more informal service called Cafe Church - we all discuss and learn together on these Sundays.

The second Sunday is a communion service, we welcome guest speakers on most third Sundays. The fourth Sunday one of our church family teaches. And if there are five Sundays - well thats family meeting and shared lunch time.

Fancy joining us? Coffee is served from 10 and you can stay for lunch too!

Prayer & Pudding


First Tuesday of every other month.


 We meet to pray - sometimes for specific issues or projects, other times we invite guests from other Christian agencies in the town to hear about their work and to pray for them. But can you guarantee that there will be pudding every month! 

We meet at 7:15pm for pudding and we start praying at 7:45pm


"Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances" 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18



Church family is doing life together.


Church family is a community of people, supporting each other through life - good and bad times. 

We do this via Life Groups. These meet across Eastbourne at various times through the week. 

Some are multi-generational, some are just ladies some are just men but all are an extension of the community. 


Life is easier when the journey is shared

Stoke the Fire


First Tuesday of the alternate month.


 We meet to pray especially for the our personal outreach and the outreach of the church.

No puddings at this one but we meet for coffee at 7:15pm, and start praying at 7:45 pm.


"Pray ... that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ"  Colossians 4:3

Alpha Course


Got Questions?


We run an Alpha Course. This is a space where people can ask questions about the Christian Faith.

Through a series of talks and discussions we look at the big questions of life. 

These are an informal relaxed evenings which also include a meal. 


Got Questions - Try Alpha

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